All The Social Ladies With Carrie Kerpen
Show #199

“What I'm most impressed by, aside from Melissa's passion and excitement around social media, is her ability to add quantifiable results to her social media efforts. You know, there's a lot of the soft stuff -- a lot of the humanization of brands, a lot of the story telling -- but there's a lot around metrics and showing the value of a customer on social media. Take a listen!” -Carrie Kerpen

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Why Quantifying Social Customer Value Matters

The most comprehensive view of social return on investment combines soft and hard social metrics.

Authors: Melissa Musgrove and Melissa Read, Ph.D.

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Podcast: Social Media, Consumer Care and Customer Acquisition

More than ever, a social media presence for banks means more than mounting a Facebook page or sending out generic Twitter messages. Melissa Musgrove shares about leveraging social media to address service inquiries, handle complaints quickly and win new customers. She also stresses the need for replacing sales pitches via social media with meaningful information and advice.